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:work experience

,  ˖ ILLUSTCAFE ⎯⎯ merch design; ongoing
,  ˖ POLYPHIA ⎯⎯ apparel design
,  ˖ 主力犬JURIKEN ⎯⎯ vtuber 天使界隈 design + 2D model
-⌦  2022
,  ˖ SEGA ⎯⎯ "Hatsune Miku: 初音ミク Project DIVA Mega Mix+"
,    Steam Trading Cards for Kagamine Len
,  ˖ HOLIDAY MATSURI ⎯⎯ character design + promo art
,     ˖ STAYCOLD APPAREL ⎯⎯ apparel design
,     ˖ MOEFLAVOR ⎯⎯ womb tattoo designs set
,     ˖ OFFLINETV ⎯⎯ promo art
,     ˖ XP-PEN, HUION ⎯⎯ product review + promo art


, Digital Illustration
, Character Design
, 2D Vtuber Model Art
, Storyboarding
, Comics, Sequential art
, Merch Design


You must be 18 years old or older to commission work from me. You acknowledge that I'm a digital illustrator and my work is digital only, meaning there won't be any shipping of physical goods. As the artist i still maintain all and absolute rights to my works; this includes publishing the work on my socials, adding it as a part of my portfolio, including the work in artbooks and editorial projects. Credits to me (© mazamuno; the artist) or a link tracing back to one of my socials must be explicitly given anytime the art is showcased. No one is allowed to mint my artwork as a NFT (Non Fungible Token); my art, wether commissioned, pre-existing or future, can not be minted into an NFT by commissioner nor anyone else. I also strictly prohibit usage of my illustrations for AI learning. Full payment will be sent beforehand, and via Paypal invoice only. Any edits can be made during the sketching phase; once the draft is approved i start working to completion. All edits made after completion will be subject to additional fees. I do not allow chargebacks or cancellations unless i'm personally unable to finish your order. You can ask about your commission status or for WIPs anytime you desire.


My work is for private use only,
meaning i do not allow my art to be used for unauthorized commercial purposes or profit unless previously otherwise accorded.
Commercial use of my artwork must be agreed beforehand by the commissioner. I charge an one-time fee of +100% of the total price for any commercial use, and an one-time fee of +200% of the total price for merchandise artwork. Promotional illustrations, stream assets, cover art, or any usage that could earn revenue is to be counted as commercial. Vtubers and streamers may request non-commercial purpose illustrations for personal use only (icons, banners); this does not include reposting of the artwork. If you'd like to be granted exclusivity for reposting the artwork and using it for derivative content such as advertisement and stream schedule or graphics, please inquire about a commercial use illustration.


this commission type is approximately 4000px, 300DPI. for other sizing please inquire.

Base price for illustrations is 650€ and will be quoted according to details and complexity of your order. Complex backgrounds and NSFW will be subject to additonal fees.Please note that these prices do not include character design and require a clear visual character reference.All prices will be subjected to a 2€ VAT. fee.

Turnaround time for illustrations' completion ranges from 1 to 2 months, depending on complexity.

:vtuber model

this commission type is approximately 5000px, 300DPI. for other sizing please inquire.

Vtuber models start at 2500€ and vary depending on design complexity, toggles and details. I do not offer Live2D rigging. I only provide a .PSD ready-to-rig art file.All prices will be subjected to a 2€ VAT. fee.

Turnaround time for models' completion ranges from 2 to 4 months, depending on complexity.

⌦ SMALL TOGGLES ˖ mascot, accessories, stickers, animal parts ˖ 60€ ea.⌦ LARGE TOGGLES ˖ alt outfits, hairstyles, hands, props ˖ 100€ ea.


this commission type is approximately 4000px, 300DPI. for other sizing please inquire.

Character designs start at 800€ and come with commercial usage; revisions and edits are pre-calculated, while design complexity, failure to give a clear description and alternate versions of the final product will require additional fees.I recommend asking for a quote for your specific case before proceeding to order, as the price largely depends on the usage of the design.Timing highly depends on how fast communication and revisions happen with the client, ranging from 1 to 3 months.


business mail: mazamuno@outlook.itpersonal use commissions are closed.